Today’s Playgroup

Some of you may know — Urijah has been in speech therapy for almost 6mos.  As part of his therapy, he and I go to a weekly playgroup at the Providence Children’s Center.  Today the weather was nice enough for the kids to enjoy their ‘free play time’ outside.  The few times that we’ve tried to get him to go down the slide in the past have ended up in tantrums and tears.  But he was brave enough to try one today… and he actually liked it!

Getting ready to go down for the first time…


Not only do I love the smile on his face, but his hair sticking up from static puts a smile on my face!


Then we went inside for circle time and snack.  One of the girls in his class just had a birthday yesterday and her Mom brought cupcakes for everyone.  Urijah only ate the frosting and ended up with a white beard by the time he was done.

All in all… it was a good day for him.  ❤


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