Embrace the Camera – 05.31.12

I normally do these weekly pics via Instagram.  But I’m starting to get the hang of WordPress, so I thought I would shift gears.  This week’s ‘Embrace the Camera’ entry is brought to you by Ray. 🙂  I asked that he take a picture of the Dudes and I during a story before their bedtime routine started.

PS:  Please excuse the quality of this picture.  Hubby was in AUTO mode (eeeek!) and doesn’t have any sense on how to work my DSLR.  😉

PSS: Can you see my new custom watermark?!  (If not, click on the actual picture to check it out.)  BIG thanks to Stacie Jensen and her awesomeness at Rock My Edits for creating such beauty!

Embrace The Camera 05.31.12

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